About Me

Hello, my name is Elisabeth Kooi.
I am a sketcher, baker, traveler, smiler, learner, and maker.
I have a special regard for universal design principles, efficiency, alternative rock music, and high quality apple pie! Since I finished my bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati DAAP, I've been working as a full time Senior Industrial Designer for Herbst Produkt LLC in Silicon Valley.
I love Industrial Design for its combination of creative art + logical constraints + my own interest in consumer home goods/tech and the medical field. My favorite part of the design process is front-end problem solving through ideation, especially sketching. Right now I'm passionate about bringing advanced medical devices into the home tech industry for anyone to use. Other side interests include energy efficiency and random kitchen appliance ideas.


Let's talk about working together! 
I'd be happy to show examples of my professional (medical design) work in an interview.

Current Favorite Song

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