Process work for this home goods project was driven by inspiration from the loose marker sketches of Graham Allen (aka @LiveDrawDie) and various hot pot trivet designs. He sculpts the shape using markers and finally sets hard lines with pen.
I always start with loose thinking sketches to get the shapes out of my head and onto paper. 
From there I started ideating quickly with marker so that I would have a basis for Solidworks surfaces.
My favorite part of this design process was sculpting surfaces further using marker over wireframe prints of the CAD. 
The tight accuracy of the dotted CAD lines set the perfect guides for loose marker shading. I began to explore materiality, user interactions, and form refinement.  
A projector allows the user to set large dishes on the scale without obscuring the weight measurement. 
Sensors pick up on the user's swiping motion to zero the scale. The countertop becomes your limitless UI surface.
+ Kitchen Scale by Elisabeth Morris
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